About Synergy Audit

What is Synergy Audit?

Synergy Audit is an ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership Professional Development Innovation and Education EU Project for decrease of most negative environmental impact built upon cooperation between the partners CARDET (Cyprus), Comune di Ravenna (Italy), CRES (Greece), EcoFellows Ltd. (Finland), One Planet (Sweden), Provincia di Parma (Italy) and SERN (Italy).

3-year project

The 3-year project aims at creating an educational support-tool in shape of environmental audits operating toward fulfilment of the EU, European and Global sustainability directives of present day by an interdisciplinary grip.

The support tool

The support tool will be made from an elaboration of a methodology’s whose aim is to strengthen the capacity for the operation of an environment quality management system on an overall level while simultaneously controlling the same system toward legal compliance, regulations and directives on an EU and Global level. Thereby, the methodology can also safeguard a prospect of a shortened procedure for organisations in reaching toward actualisation of environmental certification by its double mission.

Reduced environmental impact

Synergy Audit will ensure a profound help in the work on reduction of most negative environmental impact for the organisation, by a substantial knowledge expansion taking off from the audits education of today, within a train-the-trainer education for environmental auditors by increasing the knowledge to also embrace e.g. energy efficiency, circular economy and chemical safety.

Increasing knowledge

Furthermore, by giving a deepened knowledge in the background environmental problematic by e.g. educating about the environmental effects of GHG emissions, water quality, the biodiversity perspective and a contemporary historical perspective on the strife of battling today’s climatic change from a legal environmental perspective beyond the knowledge already condensed in the traditional education of environmental audits.

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