The general objective of Synergy Audit is to make an environmental audit educational training programme involving the basic knowledge involved in this education further containing knowledge of the EU and Global regulations and directives and deepened knowledge in environment quality management as well as in e.g. areas of certain importance for the work on reduction of most negative environmental impact e.g. energy efficiency i.e.

Consequently, constructing an effective and knowledge packed environmental audit education with wide spread around the EU for the support of organisations from the public and private sector in Europe by both a contribution of an increase of environmental audits with deepened knowhow and by the prospect of organisations to by those audits easier reach toward environmental certification.

Specific objectives

1. Develop a “train-the-trainers” methodology for persons operating in public and private organisations, which from there will spread the knowledge of the environmental audits further amongst civil servants by providence of the necessary competences for implementation of audits for the public and private sector.

2. Increase the number of environmental auditors around the EU on local, regional and national societal level.

3. Expand the international cooperation amongst the EU countries regarding environmental audits and on internal national level between the public and private sector and environmental organisations.