Multiplier Events

We would like to spread the awareness of the training methodology and about the E-learning tool that have been elaborated in the Synergy Audit ERASMUS+ project (2019-2022) and are therefore inviting private, public and NGO organisations on global level to a coming Online Synergy Audit Workshop Event on the 2nd of June 2022 at 13.00-16.30 CET.

Environmental management and internal environmental audits
On the Synergy Audit Workshop Event you will have the chance to meet with organisations from all over the world and practice on how to work effectively and strategically with integration of environmental management work and audits by for example testing how to integrate goal achievement of 1 or more of the UN 17 Sustainability Goals and of parts of the Waste Framework Directive, in your organisation.

Here you can read more about the event and on how to register for it.
Please contact us for registering to the event, you are much welcome!

More events to come
There will be more events taking place in the coming Spring 2022 by at location and by hybrid shape in Italy, Cyprus and Greece. Updates about the coming events will be found here soon.