About Us

In One Planet we are very interested to collaborate with organisations on global level for the aim at decreasing negative climatic, environmental and health impact. We view collaboration as a chance to learn, exchange ideas and knowledge and thereby have the possibility to create impact in several geographical areas simultaneously by the help of everyone in the partner groups.
We really like an interdisciplinary (see list below) and a multidisciplinary approach in the collaborations and we prefer to work in project shape with a partner collaboration or leading role. These approaches together with the wish for collaboration have its reason in a wish for, and a belief that results will carry increased multidimensional sustainability and give a quicker impact. What we do not have today in the world is time and therefore we want to decrease the time lack by collaboration, together with an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach.

Today the One Planet group is found within beyond other areas, the IT sector, academia, NGOs, SMEs and politics and we collaborate on local to global level.
Our group share among other things, knowledge and experience in the following fields:

Climate Calculation
Air Quality Management
Life Cycle Assessment
Renewable Energy
Teaching Pedagogic
Teaching in Higher Education
Transnational Project Management
Research within the Humanistic Field
IT Security
Environmental Management System Elaboration-Planning-Implementation
Environmental Audits
Drama Teaching
Poetry Writing
Literary Critics
Music Composing
Theoretical Philosophy
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Science
Technical Physics
Storyboard Elaboration for E-learning Tools / E-Games
Elaboration of Online and At Location Education in Higher Education
Homepage Design